Past Trips

Please note – trips without hyperlinks have not yet been published. Please have patience, as my time to update the trips is very limited.

Trips with the icon were taken on a BMW R1200GS or R1200GSA motorbike!

Trips with the icon were made on a Honda XR400 motorbike!

Trips with the icon were made on rented motorbikes! Models vary.







  • Extended Thailand (via Malaysia with side trip to Myanmar) (7 weeks)
  • Thailand, Phuket
  • Malaysia, Taman Negara
  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  • United States, Orlando
  • Honda Goldwing 1800 United States, Los Angeles and San Pasqual
  • Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby
  • Korea, Seoul, Busan, Gyeongju
  • Thailand, Krabi (via Malaysia)
  • Malaysia, Kota Tingi
  • United States, Redmond
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Thailand, Phuket (via Penang and Bangkok)
  • China, Shanghai


  • Cambodia and Laos (via Malaysia and Thailand)
  • Honda XR250 Cambodia
  • Thailand, Bangkok
  • Germany and Austria, Munich, Black Forrest and Cologne
  • Australia, Brisbane
  • United States, Bellevue
  • Honda @150 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
  • China, Hong Kong
  • India, Bangalore
  • China, Beijing
  • Honda CB750 Thailand, Phuket (Songkran Celebrations)
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Honda Steed 600 Thailand, Phuket
  • India, New Delhi
  • India, Bangalore
  • India, Hyderabad
  • India, Bangalore


  • Sweden, Norway and Finland (via Germany and Denmark)


  • Canada/United States, West Coast (including Inside Passage)
  • India, Bangalore to Chenai and Mahabalipurum


  • Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands