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Let me introduce us: My name is Ben, and my wife is Rebecca. We have been married for over 20 years, and are blessed to complement each other well. I am the adventurous one, and my wife prefers the well known. I want to go fast, she wants take it easy. However, we have learnt to use each others strengths for our mutual benefit and as a blessing to others.

We both really love people. The world is full of pain and suffering, but underneath are wonderful people who provide us with great inspiration. I have worked as Church Pastor, Computer Programmer, Computer Trainer, Computer Consultant, Manager in various capacities and owned my own businesses. My wife has worked as a Preschool Teacher and English Teacher. We have both worked in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, but I have also conducted business in 12 more countries.

Because of our love for people and adventure, we are currently working at Pacific Adventist University in Papua New Guinea.

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel for work and leisure. We enjoy travelling and meeting people. We also like adventure – and for that reason we usually drive a car or ride a motorbike to get around. This way you get to know the real country, not just the places the tourist operator wants you to see.

Here is a list of the countries to which we have traveled or worked in (and in brackets I have listed the mode of transport we have used in that country):

  • Europe
    • Austria (car)
    • Belgium (car)
    • Croatia (Ben only – as a child)
    • Czech Republic (walked across border)
    • Denmark (car)
    • Estonia (walked from ferry)
    • Finland (car)
    • France (car)
    • Germany (car)
    • Italy (car)
    • Liechtenstein (car)
    • Luxembourg (car)
    • Monaco (car)
    • Netherlands (car)
    • Norway (car)
    • Slovenia (Ben only – as a child)
    • Spain (Ben only – as a child)
    • Sweden (car)
    • Switzerland (car)
  • Middle East
    • Israel (Ben only – as a child)
    • West Bank (Ben only – as a child)
  • Americas
    • United States of America (car)
    • Canada (car)
  • Asia
    • Brunei (car)
    • Cambodia (motorbike)
    • China (public transport only)
    • Hong Kong (public transport)
    • India (car)
    • Indonesia (public transport)
    • Japan (car)
    • Laos (motorbike)
    • Malaysia (car & motorbike)
    • Myanmar (motorbike)
    • Singapore (car & motorbike)
    • South Korea (car)
    • The Philippines (public transport)
    • Thailand (car & motorbike)
    • Vietnam (motorbike)
  • Pacific
    • Australia (car)
    • New Zealand (car & motorbike)
    • Papua New Guinea (car & motorbike)
    • Solomon Islands (car)
    • Fiji (car)

We have plans for more countries – have a look at our “Future Trips” page.

Please feel free to provide feedback on this site.


Ben & Rebeca

4 Responses

  1. Joy Watts Says:

    Dear Ben and Bec

    Thanks for some photos of PAU and Lae which I hope to use at the forthcoming Nambour (Qld) World Day of Prayer, March 6, 2009.

    My husband, Pastor Neil Watts, and I worked in PNG in the 70’s and 80’s and in Solomons in the 90’s, but don’t have digital photos.

    I pray that Jesus will be uplifted in this talk. Also, that he keeps you safe from the evil 1, John 17.

    In His love

    Joy Watts

  2. Chandeline Says:

    Hello Mr & Mrs Thomas,

    I really enjoyed going through your website…the places you’ve been is so beautiful and each journey sounds like fun…i love the pictures taken…makes me feel like i’m there too 🙂
    I sure would be seeing more of your website…

    God Bless.

  3. DKakis Says:

    Hi Ben,

    Was a lil’ bit homesick n went online and found your webpage and the awesome pictures of PAU. Oh makes me feel so much @ home. They are truly awesome, I love the sunsets and miss PAU so much. It sure is a paradise!

    Keep posting more of your great shots.


  4. Eyðbjørn Says:

    I’m utterly awestruck by the massive content and good advise found on this site.
    If you choose to travel to Faroe Islands or Iceland, please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.
    Best regards and safe riding for the both of you

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