Day37 Phayao to Nam Pat, Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, Thailand, Travel
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Departure Time 8:16am
Departure Location Phayao, Thailand
Arrival Time 5:56pm
Arrival Location Nam Pat, Thailand
Distance Travelled 325km


We left our accommodation at 8:16am, and headed to the street on the lakefront to find breakfast. A school procession was in progress, and we watched it for a little while.


Durian is a favourite fruit in South East Asia, but most people of western origin cannot stand it. However, in chip form, it is quite nice. For breakfast, we just bought some snacks from a 7Eleven store, and sat by the edge of the lake.


By 9:25am, we were finally on the road. Little did we know the surprises this day would bring.

This part is truly the rural heartland of Thailand.


There were sections of the road that were quite straight, and others were very windy. Notice the road in the distance in the next photo. The following three photos are of the same scenery, just zoomed in closer each time.


More hills …


Transferring produce.


In this part of the country, all the street signs were in Thai script only. Not a problem, I learnt how to read the script. Even though I couldn’t understand it, I was able to read the names of the towns.


The name of this national park would be much more sinister, if it didn’t have that ‘h’ in it. “Khun” means “respectful” (amongst other things) in Thai.


And more stunning scenery.


And other interesting sights.


And then we slowly made our way to Sirkit Dam. The map we had, showed a road going across one of the narrow sections of the dam, which is why we took this road. An alternate route would have been a significant detour.


Good to see that DTAC (one of the telecommunications companies) has great coverage here!!


As we got closer to the dam, we started to look for the road across …


… but this is where the road ended.


We took a good look around, but nothing but water in the direction we wanted to go.


As we were contemplating our options, we noticed the following contraption.


And after making some enquires, were told of a house where we could ask for someone to take us across. And sure enough, we were told to go back down to the water, and that someone would meet us soon. After waiting about 15 minutes, a lady turned up with a small boat and offered to tow us across.


You can see where the road ended.


The ladies’ dog came along for the ride – but wasn’t too impressed with Rebecca and me. He sat at the furthest point on the barge.


You can see the road markers half way up the hill as we approach the ramp at the other side.


And soon the tar seal turned into dirt road, which is very rare in Thailand – Thailand has the highest percentage of sealed roads in South East Asia.


When we arrived in Nam Pat around 5pm, but had trouble finding reasonable accommodation. Nam Pat is not a place tourists frequent, so it took us almost an hour to find a place to stay where we would be comfortable. Fortunately it wasn’t quite so difficult finding food, but even those choices were very limited – we only ate at one place for the time we were in Nam Pat.

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