Papua New Guinea, Gaire – Fishing Trip

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Credits for the text on this page go to Dr Khin Kyi (Dean of the School of Business at Pacific Adventist University), who wrote this article for the Pacific Adventist University student publication Harina. The photos are courtesy of Dr Khin Kyi and Ben Thomas.

Some lecturers from SOB and the VC left the busy life of PAU last Monday to enjoy the sea and fishing. It was an awesome trip that revitalized the seafarers with new energy and fresh mind to keep going with the busy schedule of University life.

It was the next day after Easter. A group of eight members from PAU (Mr Ben Thomas, Mr and Mrs Fukofuka, Mr Temara, and Mr Kyi family) left the campus at 6:45am, drove along Magi Highway to go to March Girl Resort near Gaire Village. The landscaping along the way, reflected by beautiful hills and forest under morning sunlight, was pleasant and relaxing. When the group arrived at March Girl at about 8:30am, a motor boat was waiting at the beach ready to take off into the sea. After some preparation and a prayer, the men got into the boat and left for fishing while the ladies and children stayed back to enjoy the location and the cool breeze coming from the sea.


It was first trolling. Trolling is a method of fishing where fishing lines baited with lures are drawn through the water behind a moving boat. Fonua was the first one to drop a line, followed by Sini then Khin. Ben, being a vegetarian, did not show interest in fishing. But he enjoyed the company of his former colleagues from SOB. He was taking pictures of every movement and waiting for a chance to jump into water for a nice salt water swim. After Roy, the boat man, drove the boat around for thirty minutes and no fish was caught, the group decided to move to a reef for a quiet and restful fishing.


After Roy stopped his engine and dropped the anchor to still the boat, Fonua dropped his line, measuring the depth of the sea. Khin followed next and then Sini. Ben kept taking pictures. The conversations while fishing was interesting. Though all four men work or worked as business lecturers, no one talked about accounting, management, or computing. The focus was on fishing and other relaxing topics. Suddenly Fonua made a yank. Lo and behold, there was a red fish hooked in his line. A smile of satisfaction was shown on Fonua’s face. Sini and Khin were hoping that the next catch will be theirs.


A few minutes later Fonua yanked again. This time he took longer to pull the line on to the boat. After some struggles, there was a fish much bigger than the first one. You should see the beautiful smile on Fonua’s face (see picture). Everyone was happy. It was the catch of the day. The fishing went on until 12:30pm when the group decided to stop fishing and go for a swim. When the boat man found a safe place surrounded by reefs, Ben was the first one to jump into water. He waited so long for this moment. Everyone jumped into water and enjoyed the refreshing feeling of swimming in the ocean.


After swimming, the men returned to March Girl where the ladies and children were waiting. It was a great experience. The fishing was fun but challenging. It did not matter who caught the fish. What really mattered was that the fish were caught. After an appetizing lunch, the group returned
to PAU to be once again “fisher of men (students)”.


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