Day01 Singapore to Cherating, Malaysia

11:59 pm Malaysia, Motorbike/Motorcycle, Singapore, Travel
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Departure Time 7:11am
Departure Location Geylang, Singapore
Arrival Time 5:07pm
Arrival Location Cherating, Malaysia
Distance Travelled 447kms

I got up at 5:00am, although Rebecca had been up since before 2:30am.  She told me that she has plenty of time to sleep on the back of the bike :-(.  By the time I fitted a new battery to the bike and we were all loaded up, it was already 6:45am.  We finally rode out of the drive at 7:11am – we were on our way at last.  By 8:05 we had crossed the border into Malaysia, and stopped for fuel (the bike and us) soon thereafter.

By 9:30am, Rebecca was fast asleep (which repeated itself often).  But I was also sleepy, so we stopped at a shelter by the side of the road and slept for 1/2 an hour.  Then we were on the road again, and rode all the way through to Mersing.  Along the way we passed two Germans who I knew were traveling south on similar motorbikes (BMW R1100GS).


Mersing is a beautiful little seaside town.  We had lunch right by the beach with the many islands as a backdrop.


Even though we followed the coast for much of the day, it was unusual to see the sea, as most of the area is very flat and the road is usually a few hundred meters from the beach. We rode for an hour after lunch, and then found a lovely little village called Nenasi wedged between a river and the coast.  There were so many goats – they were very cute and full of attitude.


After our afternoon drink Rebecca was very sleepy again, and because she was sleeping a lot while we were riding, I thought it best to have another break and give her a chance to have a really good sleep.  Otherwise she misses all the wonderful things I see.


However, this 1/2 hour stop caused us to be caught in a massive storm jut before we got to our hotel!  We decided to ride through it, and arrived completely soaked at 5:07pm.  After we unpacked our stuff, I went for a swim at the beach for about 45mins, and then swam in the pool for another half an hour.

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant, where we were told that the buffet was only for groups, and that we had to order A-La-Carte.  For dessert, I ordered Ice Kacang.  It is the biggest one I have ever seen – there was no way that the two of us would have been able to finish it.


We went to bed early and had a great sleep under the mosquito net.


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