Day 03 – Nakhon Sawan to Mae Sot

11:59 pm Thailand, Travel

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We all slept well, having enjoyed the little cottages we stayed in – we rented all three in this photo.


We had breakfast at a hotel in town, and Judy’s boiled eggs were presented in a coffee cup – only lightly boiled.


The area we travelled through this day was all flat, except for the last hour or so. It was beautiful scenery, despite the flat landscape.


Needless to say, we didn’t eat here. Some people have the most unfortunate names – and if you don’t speak English, how would you ever know?


After a great lunch, we looked at some of the ruins of the former Thai capital – Sukhothai.


On our drive through the mountain range to Mae Sot, we saw this truck that used the emergency lane to stop – I guess his brakes failed. The system works.


A quick look across the border into Myanmar at sunset – Myanmar is on the far side of the bridge. For the past few months, Myanmar residents have not been able to come across the river (compare our prior trip to this location), due to political issues. It is rumoured that the agreement allowing this to happen wasn’t negotiated before the recent elections, and therefore it is now not permitted.


We had dinner in the same place as three years ago, and nothing much had changed in this restaurant, which is surprising, given that so much else has changed. There are so many new building on the road where this restaurant is located.


This is the provincial government building. Looks very pretty at night – though I can’t help but think that most Australian politicians wouldn’t support a purple building.


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