Sirinumu Dam, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

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We rose on Sunday morning, to find out that the locals recommended that we don’t travel to the Sirinumu Dam that day, as it had rained all night and the road would be very difficult to traverse (if at all).  However, to most of this, this was just an additional incentive to go.  Rebecca had invited seven students to join her in the car, while I took the motorbike – my first serious outing in muddy conditions.

As always, I can’t help but highlight the beautiful countryside in PNG.  It was a gorgeous morning, despite the occasional drizzle.


It didn’t take long, before the road became distinctly muddy!  Rebecca had never done any 4WDing, but she took to the challenge with great enthusiasm.  She was assisted by seven back seat drivers who cheered her on!


In Papua New Guinea, one is never alone.  We met lots of people walking along the road.


There is mud – and there is red mud!  The red mud is extremely slippery.


Given her inepericence, Rebecca did a superb job keeping the car on the track and moving.  However, she had failed to put it into the 4WD mode that locks the center and rear diff-lock (which ensures that all four tyres spin in unison).  As a result, she got stuck in one of the more difficult stages.  Yes, that is her co-pilot with a big smile … and yes, even Rebecca has a grin on her face as she is getting towed out.


Here are a couple of pictures of where she was stuck.


As can be seen in the above photo, one of the other cars had difficulty here – but they managed to drive out.  Look at the tracks to see how that vehicle slid sideways!  It was very, very slippery.  Fortunately, Rebecca learned how to engage 4WD with both the center and rear diffs locked!  I must encourage her to go out again and use that new skill ;-).


This is the dam wall, and in the next photo you can see the what is at the bottom of that wall.  What a huge spray of water!  The car’s are small in comparison.  It was very majestic.


Yes, this is Rebecca driving!!


Finally things got easier again.


We then proceeded to Crystal Rapids, where we enjoyed a nice picnic and swim.  However, even there, the road was extremely slippery.  It was a slow crawl climbing this hill!


One of the nice things about mountainous terrain is the when the clouds hang low over the mountains.  It was a very pretty sight.


4 Responses

  1. Pamela Says:

    Great pictures. Brought back many memories as my husband and I lived at Rouna for some time when he was made Engineer-in-Charge of the then newly-built Rouna 2 Power Station. (Circa 1968).

  2. John Momo Says:

    The governmemt should give in more money to fix the road leading to the dam because the dam supplies water and is the main hydro power plant that powers Port Moresby.So the government should inpliment more money on fixing the road so the local people can benefit on it.

  3. Bill (wilbo43) Says:

    Goof grief how things have changed. We lived in Port Moresby in the 60s (before independence) and we used to go up to Sirinimu Dam on Sundays for picnics in an ordinary Ford Falcon sedan. The roads up there were great. No 4X4s required. Great post, thanks for sharing it.

  4. Diane Says:

    We used to go up there for picnics in the 60’s the road was good then. We drove scooters or sedans with no problems but the Australians were running the country then.

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