Day06 Hat Yai to Koh Samui, Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, Thailand, Travel
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Departure Time 10:49am
Departure Location Hat Yai, Thailand
Arrival Time 11:38pm
Arrival Location Koh Samui, Thailand
Distance Travelled 441km plus 32km Ferry Crossing

This was in many ways a very different day.  We started late, but still covered 441km despite spending almost 2 hours on a ferry to Koh Samui (in Thai, Koh means Island), waiting for the rain to pass and having short breaks.


We slept in a little, and then got up and walked around town looking for somewhere nice to have breakfast.  However, we decided that the breakfast in the hotel was about as good as any, so we had it there.  Our room was on the 11th floor, and as you can see from the photos, there were other buildings that were just as high or much higher.  I never realised that Hat Yai was such a big city.  In the second photo one can just see the tip of a mountain poking through the early morning cloud behind the big building.


As we were driving out of the city, we noticed this monk collecting money.  People would bow for a long time after they donated.


We stopped for fuel at 12:00 noon, and had a 17 minute break before continuing on for another hour.  At 1:01pm we stopped at this service station, because the rain was again threatening our progress.  But we weren’t complaining – the roads and traffic conditions were great, and we had covered 85.1km in 44mins – an average speed of just under 117km/h.  We popped the bike under a roof, and Rebecca found a bench to sleep on.  51 mins later we were on the road again – there was still a little drizzle,  but it was basically over.


We continued on our way for another 40 minutes before stopping for lunch at 2:32pm – we averaged 108km/h.  We had a leisurely lunch at a service station, before continuing on at 3:36pm.  We took a 4 minute break at 4:40pm, because Rebecca needed to stretch her legs and because I wanted to take a couple of photos.  Rebecca tells me that I only take photos of her sleeping, so here are some where she is doing the moon walk and exercises.


And a few more shots to show you how good the roads are – this is the minor road that leads from Surat Thani to Don Sak, where the Ferry Terminal is located.


After another short fuel stop, we arrived at the ferry terminal at 5:13pm – just in time for the last ferry departure at 6:00pm.


The sky had some interesting cloud patterns.  The second picture shows Koh Samui in the background (the large island to the left), and the third photo shows the ferry arriving.


While we were waiting to board, a police car pulled up, and the police man started talking to me about the motorbike.  He had two ‘civilians’ in the car with him (a man and a lady), and the lady also came over and had a good chat. She was a delightful lady who was quite knowledgeable on technology.  She was clued up on the GPS system I was using and quite interested in our trip.  Once we boarded the ferry, the policeman asked me to join him at his table.  After a little while the lady and her husband joined us – it turns out that he is the Police Chief for Koh Samui, and we had a great time talking about all sorts of things.  Later we were joined by one of the Lieutenants also, and he was such a friendly man.  He wants to travel to Australia sometime.  You can see him in the yellow shirt.  The wearing of yellow shirts has become a sign of respect for the king, a tradition started for the 60th anniversary of the king’s coronation.


You can see the police car parked at the front of the ferry – these photos were taken as we were about to disembark.


Luckily it had just stopped raining as we arrived.  We drove to the main part of town and checked out the prices on some of the hotels.  They had all become so expensive since we were here 3 years ago.  The island has changed so much … and not necessarily for the better.  It used to be a more quiet place, but now it is as busy as Phuket.


After dinner at the Pizza Hut, I booked the Renaissance Hotel on points for 5 nights – this was so that we could have a good break without breaking the bank!  That was the last of my Marriott points.  We arrived at the hotel at 11:34pm, and were upgraded to a sea view room as the other rooms were all full.  Clearly I was very upset … NOT!

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