Day 02 – Ravensburg to Kloster (Germany, Switzerland)

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Elevation Profile

I started early on the second day. First item on the itinerary was to have breakfast with my cousin in Bräuningen, Black Forest. As you can seen from the photos below – it was beautiful sunshine in the morning but only about 8 degrees! The traffic was also heavy.


Then I headed for the Touratech shop in Niederschach, also in the Black Forest. I bought quite a few things, but was disappointed that when I asked about the MwSt (GST) refund, they misinformed me. I found this out a week later when I tied to get a refund at the Munich Airport. I am now waiting for them to address this. However, it was great to browse the store and see the items before buying them.


From there I headed to Schaffhausen to the Rhine Falls. The weather was looking very dicey – it looked as though a cloud burst could happen at any time … but I was lucky – I outran the weather.


If you take a close look at the map, you will notice that Schaffhausen is in Switzerland, and that after leaving there, the road crossed back into Germany, before continuing on in Switzerland.

While I didn’t really spend any time in Zurich, I did like the character of the city.


Solar Panels can be seen all over Switzerland.


The road provides views of the Zurich Lake to the side and snow covered mountains in the distance.


A nice mixture of old and new forms of transport with majestic mountains in the backdrop.


Below is a picture showing how two lanes become four on the Swiss Autobahn (the same as in Germany). Cars find it difficult to pass, due to the lack of space. Wide cars, such as the S-Class Mercedes allow just 20cm on either side of the car (sometimes less if the truck/bus being passed drifts just a little) – there is not much room for error at 80km/h. I was actually trying to take a photo of a truck/bus being passed, but in 20 minutes of waiting, did not see any.


After the Zurich Lake, come two more lakes: the Obersee and then the Walensee. Pictured below is the Walensee, which is where I choose to have dinner – the scenery was just stunning! I enjoyed an authentic Swiss Rösti while watching the weather change several times.


And the Autobahn continues against the backdrop of the amazing mountains.


I then started up into the mountains towards Davos (which BTW, is Switzelands highest town).


A new tunnel leads into Davos, so that one doesn’t have to drive over the pass in winter (the road was often closed), but I didn’t take the tunnel – I wanted to go over the pass.


Fortunately I didn’t take the tunnel, because I ended up driving through Kloster instead – and decided to stay there for the night.


I stopped at a hotel, where the rate was reasonable – it is still low season, so most of the hotels were closed. The room I rented had this view from the balcony.


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