Day13 Krabi to Ranong, Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, Thailand, Travel
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Departure Time 8:46am
Departure Location Krabi, Thailand
Arrival Time 2:44pm
Arrival Location Ranong, Thailand
Distance Travelled 348km plus 48Km evening tour


The scenery was breathtaking again as we left Krabi.  I had wanted to show Rebecca the wonderful bays north of Phuket, but as it turns out, I took a shortcut through the back country which bypassed the bays :-(.  However, we saw some lovely rural areas, and did see a short section of beautiful coastline.


One of the beautiful beaches where we had a rest and drink.  The second photo shows some of the new cottages being built.  New resorts are being constructed everywhere.


A portable ATM machine serving the area where the new resorts are being built.  Yes, that is Rebecca guarding the ATM Machine.


This is the roadside stall where we had lunch.  The lady in the yellow tshirt made a bid deal out of our presence.  The food was great!


However, the weather was drizzly all day, so we had to be careful on the windy roads.


We checked into the Sunny Lodge (the weather didn’t live up to the name – but that was OK with us) hin Ranong, and found the town to be a quiet place.  The lad of the establishment kept her money in a tin jar on the bench top – she thought it was funny that I would want to photograph that.  But anywhere in the developed world the tin would be stolen.


Check out the helmet the baby is wearing.


Towards the evening we headed out to see the hot pools.  The government maintains these and there is no entry fee.   In the first photo yo can see a building where the floor is heated from the thermal water and people lie on the floor covered with blankets to, I presume, sweat like in a sauna.  The water is boiling where it comes out – as you can see in some of the photos.


We then headed out to the port, where most of the houses by the water were built over the river and on stilts.


The last stop was Damai Beach, where one can look across the water to Victoria Point – Myanmar.  The lights beyond the jetty are all in Myanmar.


We headed back into town, had a nice dinner (I had a really lovely spicy curry) and returned back to our room by 8:08pm.  It was time for a good sleep.

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