Crystal Rapids, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea

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On Sunday, July 6 the Graduating Class of the School of Business organised a picnic at the Crystal Rapids in Sogeri.  It was a casual event that was relaxing and lots of fun.

As can be seen in the distance photo, Crystal Rapids is a very scenic swimming spot.


The students cooked their own lunch, though this photo shows that calling it “cooking” is probably an exaggeration.  This food was “well done” to say the least!


We saw a tiger snake swimming across the water, it was really keen to get to the land, but it was also concerned because of all of us on the shore.  It finally hid under the grass by the edge of the water.  I found out towards the end of the day that there are actually freshwater crocodiles in these waters.  However, they are not aggressive, and they shun away from noise.  No-one could think of an incident where someone had been harmed by the crocodiles.


Getting thrown into the water is part of the fun.


And after being thrown in, everyone was still friends.


I was asked to be part of the photo, but the students were really fussy.  They had particular ideas about the way I should be facing.

P1060550 P1060567P1060594P1060598

This map shows the trip from Crystal Rapids back to Pacific Adventist University.


As can be seen in the elevation chart, it is a mountainous region.


Papua New Guinea is such a beautiful country.  Every time I venture out I am in awe at its beauty.


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