Day 01 – Munich to Ravensburg (Germany)

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Elevation Profile

Arriving at Munich Airport, it isn’t half obvious that this is the home of BMW! This engine grill is in the luggage collection hall.


Of course for Audi is trying to make an impression too – this is a three story poster outside the arrival hall – the reason I took the picture was because the of the fairly clear sky.

The weather reports for this week were rain all week everywhere I wanted to go, but I feel very blessed to have had GREAT weather.


Wonderful sunshine as I caught the train from the airport to Marienplatz (in the heart of Munich).


I went to Marienplatz so that I could find a bakery and buy a pretzel for breakfast!


And then I caught the subway to collect the motorbike. The subway is a long way down – look at the length of the escalator … and I am already a third of the way down, because that is how long it took me to get my camera out.


I got to AllRoundRent by about 8:10am, but they don’t open till 9:00am. My experience with them so far is that they are a good business to deal with. I wanted a RAM mount fitted so that I can mount my own Zumo 550, and they ensured that happened. They were also very good in getting the paperwork done. It can take a little while when collecting a bike so don’t (like I did) have a tight schedule and hope to be out of there within 1/2 hour. I spent about 2 hours there, much of it chatting about related things (my choice), and during this time I saw how they deal with a variety of customer issues. From what I have been able to tell, they do deal with people fairly – though they are running a business, and do charge for everything to which they are entitled.

This is the office office of AllRoundRent, and the bikes out the front are weekend returns while they are closed.


I was grateful to get a bike R1200RT with ESA (because I had never ridden a bike with this feature), and really like the location of the RAM mount. The bike also had heated seats and hand grips – which came in really hand when riding in the snow!


It did take me a couple of days to really get used to the R1200RT, having ridden a R1200GS extensively. The steering geometry is different – and that is quite noticeable at slow speed. However, it really loves riding on the Autobahn – I loved my ride to Haage (near Berlin) and back. It is a great cruising machine! I particularly liked the fact that you don’t get wet when riding in the rain (except for your feet) – the fairing is designed in such a way that if you are moving, you won’t get wet.

On day one I only rode to Ravensburg, which was good, because I had only little sleep over the previous 56 hours (I had only slept on the plane).

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  1. Axel Leonhardt Says:

    Gee, Ben, where did you hide all those Germans…?? Nobody to see in the firstfew pictures .. or was it 5.00am?

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