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After a stressful week, a picnic at Crystal Rapids seemed just the right thing to relax. We had great lunch, which was followed by a tropical downpour.


Swimming in the rain is wonderful – so we had a great time.


However, the rain had made the track out of Crystal Rapids a little more difficult to navigate. Rodger was the first to head out, but the Hyundai’s struggled a little bit due to being on road tyres.


Ok, so they struggled a lot, but fortunately we had lots of people to push/pull.


Vehicle recovery PNG style!


Yes, Branimir. That is the clutch you are smelling!


Pushing behind a spinning tyre has its side effects.


Rodger, which road did you use? Why is your car so clean?


Even the main road was not in the best condition after the rain – but certainly a lot of fun!


We then decided the try the newly graded road to Owen’s Corner, which marks the start of the Kokoda Trail. The road looked good, but with more rain coming over, the road got more and more slippery by the minute. There are no photos or movies of the many slides that took place, presumably because the drivers were fully occupied, and the passenger hanging on for dear life.


We were only a couple of kms from Owen’s Corner when we made a unanimous decision to head back, before the road became unpassable for those on road tyres. And anyway, the last hill is so steep that the cars with road tyres would not have been able to negotiate their way up or down.

We stopped at the little memorial by the main road.


We also had a quick stop at the waterfall on our way home.


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