Day 13 – Hastings to Oputama

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We got up early the next morning, because the friend at whose house we were staying drives trucks and was doing a run up to Gisbourne. As we were going the same way, Rebecca decided to take a ride in the truck.

I left about 15 minutes after Rebecca, and did a quick trip up Temata Peak to get some shots of the sun rising over Hawkes Bay. I also had to fuel up, but my aim was to catch up with Rebecca by the time she got to Wairoa. When I got to the service station in Havelock North, they were still shut. So I headed up to Temata Peak first.


Hastings being illuminated by the first rays of sunshine.


It was fairly clear – I could see as far as the Mahia Peninsular.


After my descent I fuelled up and then headed towards Wairoa.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was enjoying her ride in the truck.


While I didn’t quite manage catch Rebecca before she got to Wairoa, as I didn’t want to get any speeding tickets – though I did enjoy the windy road. I arrived about 5 minutes after Rebecca arrived, to find my friend just having started to unload the truck.


Rebecca really needs to grow a little if she wants to make riding in the truck a regular occurrence.


This is the lighthouse and bridge at Wairoa.


And a couple of shots of the truck.


Loading at Nuhaka.


We took our gear out of the truck at this point, and parted ways. The truck headed up to Gisbourne, and we went to Oputama. The Mahia Peninsular was looking at its best.


We camped on the site leased by the Napier Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is a beautiful spot under large pine trees.


After we pitched our tent, we went for a ride to Mahia and a little bit inland on the Peninsular.


The peninsular has a stunning coastline.


It also has some interesting rock formations on the coast.


Towards the evening we headed to Nuhaka to have some dinner. We saw this fire engine creating a great waterslide for the kids.


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