Day32 Chiang Mai (with trip to Adventist Academy and Orphanage), Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, SDA Church, Thailand, Travel
Departure Time 9:13am
Departure Location Chiang Mai, Thailand
Arrival Time 3:46pm
Arrival Location Chiang Mai, Thailand
Distance Travelled 136km


We relatively late, wanting to have a relaxing Sunday.  Cleanup operations from Kroi Latong were in full swing.  The amount of rubbish left floating in the waterways was incredible.


As we neared the Chiang Mai Adventist Academy, we saw this family busy washing in the river.  It is common to see people washing by the river like this.


The following photos were taken at the academy.  The first shows the classrooms, and the second shows the chapel.  It is a very beautiful campus.


When we arrived, we found the students busy celebrating.  It was the new year for one of the hill tribes, and they were out in all their traditional costumes.  The second photo shows the young men and the ladies lined up to play a game where they throw a ball back and forwards.  This goes on for hours, while they chat and laugh.


One of the staff houses and a water tank donated by ADRA Germany.


As we left, we realised that we got a flat tyre.  You can see nail in the tyre.  You can also see how unevenly the tyre has worn.  This is due the huge amount of cornering we did over the previous two weeks.  The tyre has firmer rubber in the middle, with the sides being softer to provide greater traction during cornering.


With the tools out, the repairs take less than one minute!  I have this down to a fine art now.


Then we visited the International Children’s Care orphanage.  The facilities are simple, but the children are very well looked after.


We were there for about two hours talking to the manager, who then cooked us a meal for lunch.  Unfortunately I had left the keys in the ignition of the bike, so when it was time to leave, the battery was flat.  You can see a skid mark on the road where I tried to roll start it, but it didn’t work as the bike is fuel injected – if there in no power, the injection mechanism doesn’t work.  So we had to wait for the ICC manager’s husband to come with a battery charger, and wait about half an hour to get the battery charged.


We had a romantic dinner that night in the courtyard of an Italian restaurant.  It was a full moon, and very beautiful.  On our walk back to the hotel, we saw more processions for Loi Kratong.  The second photo shows the door open on one of the floats, exposing the car that is underneath the float.


The big white spot in the sky is the moon rising, the smaller dots are candles making their way as part of the celebrations.


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