Day27 Chiang Dao to Mae Sai, Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, Thailand, Travel
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Departure Time 8:36am
Departure Location Chiang Dao, Thailand
Arrival Time 2:27pm
Arrival Location Mae Sai, Thailand
Distance Travelled 214km


Early in the morning I walked down to the local 7-Eleven store to buy breakfast.  As is the custom in Thailand, the police were out and about directing the traffic.  Chiang Dao is only a very small town, but the main intersection is controlled by police early in the morning.  This is also the time of the day that the monks do their rounds for alms.  The traffic is busy near the markets (third photo).  Once we were ready to leave, we carried our luggage to the bike (this hotel didn’t have bellboys on duty).  We do have a lot of weight – but have packing down to a fine art.  Notice the benches of the ute are built over the tailgate – this is how the school busses are for most of rural Thailand.  Anyone who doesn’t fit on the bench stands on the tailgate.


Again, the scenery was breathtaking.


Why rent a truck when you have a ute?  How much furniture can you move on one vehicle?  The second and third photos show women getting into the back of a ute with babies in their arms.  It wasn’t a problem for them at all.


We entered the small town of Tha Ton at 10:10am.  This town is located on the edge a mountain range which also forms the border with Myanmar.  On the other side are huge plains.  It is one of the most beautiful places we travelled through in Thailand.  There are even hot springs in the surrounding villages and very few ‘farangs’ (foreigners).  It is a great spot to spend a few days.  The second picture shows the last border camp before Myanmar.  We have a habit of running into these as we explore Thailand.


This is a new temple of some sort that is being built on the surrounding hills.  It is already stunning -and it isn’t even finished.


The view from the surrounding mountains over Tha Ton and beyond.


We then proceeded to another peak where we found another monastery.  This one had a very nice path leading through a small forest down the hillside.  We walked part way and sat down at a point where we had a great view over Myanmar.  We spent about an hour there just enjoying the breeze and wonderful view.


As we travelled on, we saw this man walking by the side of the road.


We then came across this hill tribe village – notice the black teeth?  Simply beautiful (to them).  We were told that there was another long neck village just a short walk away, but we had already seen plenty, so we kept going.


The scenery continued to be stunning.


This is where we had lunch.  We came across a couple of Germans who were touring on some large rented bikes.  Notice the birds nests they had hanging from the rafters?  The second photo shows how Thai people have many photos of the royal family in their homes.  The photos on the back wall are all of the king and his family (click on the photo to enlarge).


After checking into the hotel, we went for a long walk to find a nice place to eat.  There were several restaurants operating on the street where you sit on a mat on the footpath beside the road.  Life is very communal in Thailand – there is a really nice family spirit.  This particular restaurant has a "cook your own" menu.  They provide a pot of hot coals and the ingredients, and you cook it yourself.


We took these photos in town on our walk back from dinner.


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