Papua New Guinea, 17-Mile (Port Moresby) – Waigani SDA Church Camp

11:59 pm Papua New Guinea, SDA Church

The Waigani SDA Church held a church camp at 17-mile over the weekend of 30 October to 1 November 2009. The camp was a time for spiritual renewal for all who attended.


The location for the camp is very scenic – it is a beautiful park that is well maintained. The children (and some of the adults) really enjoyed swimming in the river.


On Sunday morning, a traditional Highlands Mumu was cooked.

Collecting the firewood.


Peeling the vegetables.


Banana leaf on which to cook the food.


Heating the stones.


After the stones are hot, they are made level and banana leaves are added. The food is then added on top. Pipes are added, through which water is pored in to speed the cooking process. You can see the steam coming out through on of the pipes here.


About an hour and half later, the food is cooked. The man standing on the left is the head cook!


Here the food is ready for removal.


There is still a lot of steam when the food is taken out. It is very hot!


You can see the sticks that were added to support some of the weight. The greens are edible too!


The food is layed out next to the Mumu on top of banana leaves.


This is about half of the food that was cooked in the Mumu.


As I am a vegetarian, I didn’t try the beef that was added. However, the kaukau was very soft and tasty! This is good food indeed.

2 Responses

  1. suzie Says:

    Love the pictures. Even though i’m far from home, seeing your pictures make me feel at home..MUMU… mahn missim stret ya….NZ is too cold, the food here is good but it aint like PNG food…Thanks for sharing…

  2. jared frank Says:

    from the starting to the finishing it is excellent. the view of the camp out side is also unice and beautiful, (beautiful view).

    can you tell me where about in papua new guinea, plis.

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