Day21 Kamphaeng Phet to Mae Sot, Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, Thailand, Travel
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Departure Time 10:37am
Departure Location Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand
Arrival Time 5:22pm
Arrival Location Mae Sot, Thailand
Distance Travelled 302km plus 30km local running around


I headed out at 8:41am to get the laundry while Rebecca packed.  We then had breakfast, and were on the road by 10:19am.  I had discovered the old town ruins the day before, and wanted to come back to take some photos.  I took lots of them, too, as I couldn’t see what I was photographing due to the broken LCD.


There was a huge wall and boat around the city, which was approximately 3km on each side!


We finally hit the open road around 10:37am in route to Sukhothai -Thailand’s previous capital.  It was at this point that we started to se these vehicles that were half tractor and half truck.  They seemed to come in various makes.


Once we got to Sukhothai, it was interesting how the ruins are spread amongst the residential area.


While we were eating, I spoke with a man from the United Kingdom whose Thai wife owns the restaurant.  I asked him what the likelihood was of finding the camera I was hunting for in Tak – the next biggest town.  He told me that the chances were very slim.  So I decided to try my luck in the new Sukhothai – also a very small town.  The Panasonic dealer there was very helpful.  He didn’t have one in stock, but suggested I go to Phitsanulok – the town I had been to the night before.  So I got him to ring the dealers there, and none of them had one.  He then rang the supplier, and was told that it was no longer being brought into Thailand.  So I decided that the chances of finding one sitting on a shelf were low, and decided to go with the second best.  I bought the Lumix FX100.  From this point forward all photos are taken with the new camera.  I am very happy with it – the only downside over the previous camera is that there is no external switch to change from 4:3 to 16:9 mode, and that you have to use the menu to turn the flash on/off.  It just takes a little bit longer.  It has less manual controls, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue at this stage.

Sukhothai was in full swing preparing for Loi Krathong – a kind of light festival where thousands upon thousands of candles are floated on the waters in Thailand.


Once we left Tak, the scenery became very stunning – we were entering the mountain regions.


Mae Sot is a town that sits on the flat.  The building on the far right in this photo is a Muslim mosque.


After a tour of the town we checked into one of these cabins at 5:22pm.  The bathroom had no roof – it was open air but with a wall right around the outside for privacy.  It was like a little garden.  It was nice going to the toilet at night and seeing the stars.  Luckily there weren’t any mosquitoes.


The sun was setting over the plains as we headed out to dinner.


This lady is wearing the common make-up and beauty treatment worn in the northern region.  It is a light yellow paste made from tree bark.  Males and females of all ages wear it in a variety of patterns.


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