Day20 Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, Thailand, Travel
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Location Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand
Distance Travelled 345km local running around

This was a lazy day for us.  We got up late, and then sat outside in the garden for over an hour.  At 11:18 I headed into town to see what sort of digital camera I could buy.  I was very happy to find that my favourite brand, Panasonic, was readily available.  Unfortunately my favourite model was not.  So I wrote down the models that I could get, came back to the guest house and went on the Internet to research which one would be most closely aligned to my ‘photographic style’.  Unfortunately the answer to that question was still my favourite model, the Lumix LX2 (my previous model was the LX1 – and it has been superb).

I also went into town to find a laundry, as getting your laundry done in Thailand is very cheap – only US$1 per kilo.

As I couldn’t find my favourite camera in Kamphaeng Phet, I decided to do a quick trip to Phichit – a town about 90km away.  Unfortunately I didn’t leave till 5:46pm.  So by the time I had fueled up, it was right on 6:00pm – only minutes before sunset.  This is one of the most dangerous times to be on Thai roads, as everyone is going somewhere and visibility is often low.  It also turned out that this road was not a dual carriageway, so that made life even more interesting as it started to drizzle.  Fortunately the rain didn’t set in and I was spared being wet and cold.  Sadly I couldn’t find a Lumix LX2 in Phichit, so I headed up to Phitsanulok – a much larger city.  However, they didn’t have one either, so I headed back home empty handed.  I returned back at 10:31pm, having travelled 294km and visited many stores.


Driving is interesting – this convoy (out on the election trail) went through a red light … but they did let the one car through that was coming through the green light.


This is the nice place where we stayed – only US$16 per night with breakfast and fast Internet.


This is the view looking towards our guest house from the other side of the river (the town side).


How is this for an old Honda motorbike?


The town has set up a free, public gym by the side of the river.


This is the house where I got the laundry done.


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