Day 19 – Day Trip – Tasman Glacier

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Watching the sun rise on Mt Cook and the surrounding ranges on Saturday morning was absolutely exhilarating. What a difference to the weather as we arrived the day before.


We had a very quiet, restful morning, and then headed out around lunchtime to see the nearby Tasman Glacier.


The glacial waters are always in interesting colours.  These ones were a beige colour.


We headed straight past the tourist car park, and followed the track up beside the lake at the bottom of the Tasman Valley.


The valley is very rugged, but the mountains to the side are spectacular, with lots of waterfalls.


The track was tough going in places, especially with all our gear. These aren’t small rocks we were riding over.


Rebecca decided that this wasn’t really her thing, it was just too rough, so she stayed while I continued up the valley.


I finally reached a point where I could see the glacier for the first time – it was wonderful. There was a real elation seeing the glacier and the majesty of the surrounding mountains.


Here are some photos of the retreating glacier.


There are still large chunks of ice melting in the lake – which is a long way from the main part of the glacier.


In this photo, you can see the track I rode up – it is visible between the handlebars and the top box. It was really just a walking trail with steep drops down both sides.


Yes, that is my bike in the distance in each of these photos.


Some of the green moss growing here is just amazing.


And some more photos of the rough track taken on the return trip.


And a view of the valley further down.


Looking across to Hooker Valley.


Can you see the multi story hotel in this photo?


Does this help?


Or perhaps a frontal view?


In the evening the clouds moved in, and Mt Cook was hidden from our view.

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