Day19 Saraburi to Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand

11:59 pm Motorbike/Motorcycle, Thailand, Travel
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Departure Time 7:26am
Departure Location Saraburi, Thailand
Arrival Time 3:28pm
Arrival Location Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand
Distance Travelled 404km plus 19km local running around

We were on the road by 7:26am, as early mornings and late evenings are the best times of the day to see Thai life.  The road was really good – we took main roads through the villages, and stayed off the highways as much as possible.  Some of the towns along the way were very beautiful.

This town is one example – the backdrop to the town are these huge rocky mountains on both sides – very, very majestic.


The area we travelled through is known as the south central plains.  It is very flat, but very pretty.


This toilet was interesting, as it was a western style toilet (not a squat type), but you still had to use the bucket to flush yourself (no cistern here).


We had breakfast in a bus shelter opposite these temples.  It was in a rural area with very pretty surroundings.


We then entered an area where fishing is obviously very big.  The town had all sorts of fish sculptures placed in the median section of the road.  We saw lots of people fishing with nets in the small rivers and creeks by the side of the road.


We also came across the archeological with very old temples in Khmer style.  It is amazing when you see the different architecture and realise how much the cultures in this region have moved around over the past 2000 years.


Yes, the car is parked in the lounge room.


Also in the same town, a mixture of the old and the new – here is an old wooden building that is already leaning a long way onto the main road, and right next to it they are pouring the walls to a new modern building.


This was interesting.  We often saw fruit/veggie/seafood utes (trucks for the Americans) selling their goods door to door.  However, this was a monk that followed a veggie ute from farm to farm.  Almost like meals-on-wheels being followed by ministry-on-wheels.


There was lots of greenery, and this small lake was covered in what looked like lotus flowers.


This lady was interesting.  We stopped for a drink, and she spoke to us with a strong German accent in her English – but she looked fully Thai.  It turns out that she moved to Switzerland when she was 16 and married a Swiss man.  Now, 20 something years later, they have moved to Thailand.  Her German was very good.


While fueling up, we spotted this couple with what looked like a home made riffle.


When we stopped for lunch, we spotted this policeman.  He obviously looks after his bike better than I look after mine – it was immaculate.


When the policeman left, I went to wave good bye, but got my hand caught on the camera strap – the camera went flying and landed on the concrete floor!!  The LCD broke, but it appeared to still be functional.  You will notice that some of the photos from this point forward (at least till I replace the camera) will be poorly framed.  That is because I can’t see what I am photographing.

This is where we had lunch.


This is the way one travels to work – on the machinery of course.


Rebecca was very tired in the afternoon, so we stopped at a bus shelter so she could sleep.


We then had a look at a village to which the Thai government has relocated some hill tribe people.


We decided that seeing we had covered so much distance this day (and given that I need to replace the camera and update the blogs from the last few days), that we would spend the next two nights in one place that had Internet access.  It started to pour just before we reached the town, so we took cover for about 15 mins before finding a guest house that was really nice.

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