Living at Pacific Adventist University – Papua New Guinea

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For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Rebecca and I have moved to Papua New Guinea (PNG).  I am working at Pacific Adventist University (PAU) as Dean of the School of Business and Rebecca is studying full time towards a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Last year the opportunity presented itself for me to travel to Papua New Guinea.  I visited our long time friends David and Carol Tasker, both of whom were Deans at PAU.  They had tried for many years to get me to come and “have a look”, and in mid 2007 I took the time.  The outcome of the “look” was that I ended up seeing the need in the School of Business.  As a result, Rebecca and I decided to take up the challenge of providing the people of the pacific with an opportunity to receive an education that will allow them to compete on a global basis.  I therefore resigned from Microsoft in October and took a well deserved holiday.

While we were waiting for Visas, Rebecca and I travelled through Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar on a motorbike (see posts on this site).  We then headed to Brisbane and spent Christmas with our families and drove down to Sydney for training on how to live in another culture. We finally arrived in PNG early February.

We live in a wonderful place.  As you can see in the photo below, we live on a hill, with a great view far into the distance.


From the house we look over the most lush valley.  The photo below is early in the morning.  I am still in awe every morning while having my breakfast, because it is so beautiful and soothing.  The environment on the university campus is truly calming.


As you can see, we don’t have conventional windows, but a mixture of glass and steel louvers.


We get the most amazing weather.  During the rainy season, there is usually rain in the hills every afternoon, but the sun comes through just before sunset.  As a result, we see a lot of rainbows.


Here are two photos of the back of the Pacific Adventist University Church.


This is one of the lecture halls.


This is the front of School of Business.


The following photos are taken from the Sunday morning markets.  Hundreds of cars come from Port Moresby (a 20km drive) to buy their fruit and vegetables.  The university operates a farm and the produce demands a premium over other suppliers.


We also see the most spectacular sunsets on a regular basis.  Here is a sample.


This photo was taken through the fly screen, as I was too lazy to walk outside to take yet another sunset photo.  I have so many of them now, because the sunsets are different every night.  This photo was special, because the sun was setting directly between the two hills in the distance.


As you can see, we really live in paradise.  Up until recently, we had a lot of rain, though usually just showers late afternoon or during the night.  But the rain stopped really suddenly two weeks ago, and now the dry season has started.  It is still up to 31 degrees Celsius during the day, but has been as low as 17 during the night.

Why not come and visit us sometime?