Day30 Mae Sai to Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Departure Time 8:51am
Departure Location Mae Sai, Thailand
Arrival Time 3:13pm
Arrival Location Chiang Mai, Thailand
Distance Travelled 315km plus 50km of local travel in Chiang Mai


On our trip from Mae Sai to Chiang Mai it was very scenic – we were driving through very flat terrain for the first part of the trip, but the the backdrop was often mountainous on the border with Myanmar or Laos.  We took the back country road, as the main highways are busy and not as interesting.  This picture shows a scene we saw often – farmers threshing their grain.


Then we came past a house that had burned down just before we got there.  There were lots of police cars, and the remains were still smoking.


The scenery was very interesting everywhere we went.


Once we got into Chiang Mai, preparations were well under way for Loi Kratong – the light festival.




The first picture is of a mobile ATM and Currency Exchange, the second is where we had dinner at a vegetarian restaurant.


After dinner with walked around town observing the Loi Kratong celebrations.  Here is a sample of the many photos I took.


As you can tell in this photo, Loi Kratong falls on a full moon.  This bridge is a one way street, but that doesn’t concern the motorbikes.


The streaks in the sky are the balloons with candles inside that are released by thousands of people.  The sky was constantly lit up by these hot air balloons.


There was also a large procession by different groups.


These people were waiting for the procession to start.