Day24 Mae Hong Son, Thailand

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Distance Travelled 24km local travel only


This is the guesthouse where we stayed.  A nice little family run place – the owners were very nice and helpful.


The local traffic police – notice that this is yet another style/color of police bike. The ladies were trying to cross the road.


These pictures were taken from the nearest hill to Mae Hong Son – it is almost in town.  It has a great view.  Check out the view of the airport.  This is the only town I know where the main airport is literally in town – less than five minutes walk to ‘downtown’ hotels.


There was lots of activity at the Buddhist shrine on this hill.  Notice the dark Buddha and light Buddha.  The people walking around the shrine carrying a basket of gifts are earning merit for themselves.


When we returned from our little outing it was time for me to catch up on our blog!


The night bazaar – notice the child carrying the baby – they are sharing earphones. In the second photo, someone is sleeping under the blanket at the stand.


The lake looked spectacular at night – with the colourful lights from the shops most of the way around it.


Dinner was a quiet, comfortable affair.


We went back up the hill at night, and the view was stunning.